Education is the best provision for old age. ~ Aristotle

What if...

"someone" trained your staff in such a way that they not only

learned new techniques and strategies, but felt they could

actually DO them once they returned to your building?

"someone" could motivate your staff with such a passion and love for

elders that their own passion and enthusiasm were reignited

and rejuvenated?

"someone" could convince your staff of the power they possess to

impact quality of life and quality of care?

that "someone" is Cat Selman.


We invite you to explore our web site and imagine the possibilities for your organization, association, company, business or facility. Through education sessions, individual on-site training, and DVD training, The Healthcare Communicators, Inc. is ready to assist you in meeting the educational and professional needs of your staff. Return often to learn of new developments and offerings...and thanks for taking the time to visit!




Association Client Comments

Bev Herman, Education Director

North Dakota Long Term Care Association

Bismarck, North Dakota

"Cat Selman is an amazing person with a talent to educate the audience with valuable information using real life examples, humor and inspiring messages. The evaluations we receive regarding Cat are always excellent. The comments we hear from our participants are ...bring her back...interesting from the first second...time flew by...exceptional speaker...motivating, etc. Cat is a delight to work with, she is a true professional and we love her in North Dakota!"



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Participant  Comments



"One of the best speakers I have ever heard on client based needs.
She was fabulous!"



"Good common sense - answered questions with knowledgeable answers. Easy to understand - helpful to my job - very beneficial for me."



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Effective January 1, 2019, our company name will be The Cat Selman Company. We are expanding our services and products and wanted the name of the company to reflect the changes that we are making.

"Just for this week..."

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We are currently rebuilding our website! We appreciate your patience and understanding! Please keep checking with us to see the new offerings, services and products that we will be providing in the future. Thanks for your business!!!

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