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Seminar: Activities: Programming for Survey Compliance

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Dates: August 8, 2019


Location: Holmes Community College, Ridgeland, MS




Seminar Description:

The CMS Requirements of Participation have placed more focus on activities than ever before. Programming for reduction of antipsychotics; programming for behavioral challenges; programming for dementia care; programming for palliative/end of life care; programming for depression…the “focus list” goes on and on. How do format a program that will meet the needs of ALL the residents within your building? How do you determine the number of group activities that should be provided, as opposed to 1-1 programming? How do you divide your time (and yourself) among all your residents to meet those needs? How do you involve and coordinate the rest of your facility staff to assist in the delivery of these services? And finally, HOW do you care plan and document to reflect a “person-centered” approach that is effective in meeting each resident’s needs? In this seminar, Cat will address the answers to all of these questions, providing insight on surveyor guidance, as well as specific instructions/recommendations in regard to programming that is appropriate and successful in the provision of person-centered activity services. If you are responsible for the Activities Program within your building, or if you assist with the Activities Program, this is one seminar that you do not want to miss!


Approved Continuing Education Credit: 6 hours


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