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Rose Hughes, Executive Director
Montana Health Care Association

Helena, Montana

"What can I say - Cat is absolutely outstanding, and the convention attendees adore her. They continue to beg us to bring her back."

"From our evaluations, it is obvious that Cat is an excellent teacher with valuable information to share. Her ratings are ???????off the chart'! It appears that participants return to their jobs re-energized and full of new ideas they hope to implement. Every attendee wants to have the opportunity to attend another of Cat's classes in the future."

"Basically, there is nothing we wouldn't say about how wonderful Cat is. Nothing is too superlative to describe the quality of her programs and how well they are received. The programs are superb, our folks love her, and she is incredibly helpful and easy to work with. We continue to be amazed and inspired by her wealth of knowledge and experience, and her ability to communicate that to attendees."

Bev Herman, Education Director
North Dakota Long Term Care Association

Bismarck, North Dakota

"Cat Selman is an amazing person with a talent to educate the audience with valuable information using real life examples, humor and inspiring messages. The evaluations we receive regarding Cat are always excellent. The comments we hear from our participants are ...bring her back...interesting from the first second...time flew by...exceptional speaker...motivating, etc. Cat is a delight to work with, she is a true professional and we love her in North Dakota!"

Phyllis Eiring, Program Director
Health Facilities Association of Maryland

Columbia, Maryland

"It is hard to express the appreciation and admiration we have for Cat Selman. HFAM strives to provide excellent education opportunities for its members. Cat makes it easy for us to meet our goal. Cat's real life examples are presented in such a way that you are engaged, entertained, and will retain the lesson being taught."

"It is a pleasure working with Cat on the planning and implementation of the programs we do together. So not only is the education Cat provides invaluable, she makes it easy for HFAM before the program as well. The ratings from participants of Cat's programs are always superior."

"I have listed a few of the comments provided by participants below:"

"Most interesting and informative seminar in a while for me."

"She never lost my attention."

"Ms. Selman is an excellent and entertaining presenter. I look forward to sending my staff to her future seminars and recommending her to my state association."

"Very useful information. I loved the way she used humor in presenting. I can walk away with a lot more wisdom and know that I can do my job better."

"Changes will be made in my life because of this presentation."

"Cat does a spectacular job at passing on her knowledge through examples, humor, and explanations."

Pamela Hayle, Education Chairperson, MN Statewide Activity Professionals
Quality Improvement Director, Augustana Care Corporation

Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Ms. Selman is the perfect fit for any type of educational conference, seminar, employee or professional organization training. Her fast knowledge and hands on expertise in aging services, organizational development, and working with people makes her a multi-talented presenter and consultant to work with and for your business or organization."

"My professional experience with Cat has spanned over a 15 year time period in which we have contracted with her for a variety of types of presentations, and trainings for various groups and events. I have also had the honor of working with Cat on various professional work groups and task forces to improve quality of care and services for seniors. She is not only recognized by the long term care industry, but is also well known and respected by regulatory and governmental agencies in aging services."

"When Cat presents for your organization you can be assured of an informational, inspiring, and quality presentation with rave reviews. Our members consistently ask to have Ms. Selman back year after year for our conferences and seminars."

"Cat's genuine love for what she does, and true excitement for teaching others is evident in all of her speaking opportunities. Cat will truly be the highlight of your event, and a favorite with all of your participants."

Angela Porter, Sr. Director of Professional Development & Meeting Planning
Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities

Louisville, Kentucky

"I have worked with Catherine "Cat" Selman for over nine years as the Director of Professional Development for the Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities (KAHCF). She is a true pleasure to work with. Whether I am hiring her to speak for our Basic Social Services Training, breakout session for our Spring Conference, or the Advanced Activity Training, I always know that the session is going to be a success and the attendees are going to get their money's worth."

"Below are some of their comments:"

"Cat has always been an entertaining and very insightful speaker. She does an excellent job."

"I love to attend Cat's seminars and would like more."

"She keeps your attention, not boring, very helpful and good information. Keeps it interesting with a good sense of humor. Helps you to feel confident and not as fearful of state surveys."

"Exceptional!! Speaker's use of humor was very effective and kept the audience's attention."

Karen M. Michaud, Education Director
Maine Health Care Association

Augusta, Maine

"Cat is one of those rare individuals who truly has a ???????spirit of excellence' and consistently receives top-notch evaluations. She is energetic, knowledgeable, professional and personable. She always goes the extra mile to make sure the information she is presenting is up to date, useful and presented in a way that will engage the participants."

"Cat presented the "Advanced Activity Training: Moving Beyond the Basics" to our Activity Professionals in Maine. I had high expectations for the impact this program would have and I'm so pleased to report that the evaluations were some of the best we've seen in a long time. Everyone felt the program met their expectations and the content and instruction were high quality. Even more exciting is that they gained new information that would be useful to them in their work."

"I was particularly drawn to the evaluations of Cat as a professional speaker. There was not even one notably negative comment. We asked participants to let us know if the presentation was effective, if the speaker covered the material thoroughly, if the instructional methods were engaging, and more. Almost all of the scores (92-98%) were in the strongly agree range. Now that's incredible."

Jan Pember-Doerr, Past President and Professional Development Chair
Michigan Association of Activity Professionals


"WOW! Cat Selman is the best of the best! Cat is the best speaker that I have ever booked for the Michigan Association of Activity Professionals. She is educational, fun, and a great story teller all in one. Time flies when she is on the podium speaking. Her evaluations were terrific and we have had her back to speak time and time again."