About Cat

Educator. Motivator. Communicator. Consultant. Author. Catherine R. "Cat" Selman uses her dynamic personality and compelling presence to spread the message of positive continuing education for healthcare professionals. A seasoned lecturer, Cat has more than 30 years of experience in management, social work, activities/ recreation, education and consultation.


Her presentations can be:


As a speaker in all fifty states, Cat is in demand and on topic. Her sessions can be from one hour to six hours. Whether short or long, it doesn't matter - the audience is transfixed! Their attention comes not only from the impact of Cat's message, but from her qualification to deliver it. Her career history includes:


See a highlight of Cat's presentation at the recent GHCA Activity Conference! Click here to see video!


"Cat Selman is just simply the best long term care trainer in the United States! What makes her the best? She's....very well prepared...has a long history as an expert, often tapped by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to sit on stakeholder panels to revise surveyor guidelines and to make recommendations regarding compliance issues ...tremendous as a public speaker. Imagine signing up for one of Cat's sessions, thinking I hope this lady is good, because I am tired and just need CEUs. Maybe I will sneak out early if I can. Once the session begins, you find out within the first ten minutes that not only will you practically break your arm taking notes at a furious pace, but you will surely not be leaving early!! For you will see that she is saying just what you need to know, and that you have encountered one of the funniest people alive! She has kept me vastly amused, while sneakily teaching me things."

Karen Schoeneman, Former Deputy Director, Nursing Homes Division, CMS - Baltimore, MD