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The Reality of Activities, Social Services and the CMS Requirements of Participation (Minnesota)

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Dates: August 17, 2017

Location: Eagan Community Center, Eagan, Minnesota



Continuing Education Credit:

6 hours continuing education credit will be awarded to Activity Professionals and Social Workers.


Seminar Description:

This training is a 6-hour seminar detailing the numerous responsibilities of the Activities & Social Services departments as mandated in the new requirements. Here are the realities: more focus on Residents' Rights and Resident Council; more focus on services and programming provided for those who have dementia; more focus on abuse & neglect; more focus on person-centered care and choices; more focus on discharge planning; more focus on medically-related social services; more focus on the reduction of antipsychotics (psychotropics); more focus on care planning; more focus on quality of life; more focus on discharge planning; more focus on behavioral services; more focus on competency skills, training (qualifications), and sufficient staff; AND a new survey process is being introduced by CMS.  We are seeing more deficiencies on programming, care planning and insufficient staff than we ever have before. Come and learn as Cat provides guidance on systemic facility process and survey focus, as well as compliance recommendations. Cat has a reputation for explaining difficult topics in an easily understood, "common-sense," manner, so we anticipate that the training will be in heavy demand. We encourage you to reserve seating for your team as soon as it is available! Registration information will be posted as meeting venues are finalized.


Workshop Registration:

Cost: $100.00 per attendee 
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