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"Best workshop I ever attended! Thank you!"

"Thanks for years of wonderful information and ideas! A lot of "how" I work comes from years of listening to you!"


"Wonderful, dynamic speaker! Cat should be invited back to speak regularly."


"Thank you - BEST record, documentation program I have attended in 14 years."


"Excellent presenter, good practical information, much to share with long term staff. Very interesting to listen to on subject that could be dull. Cat made it real."


"An exceptional presentation! Best practical application on our level!"

"She was the best speaker I have ever listened to. I didn't fall asleep. She helped me understand a lot!"


"Cat was full of information, extremely knowledgeable, and entertaining on top of that! What a plus!"

"I could tell Cat just didn't talk to hear herself talk, because she knows rules and regulations! Cat is a strong woman who truly cares for the folks we work with and has been where we are now. What a great woman!"


"Good common sense - answered questions with knowledgeable answers. Easy to understand - helpful to my job - very beneficial for me."

"Excellent information to take back to my workplace to implement. Your seminars go by quickly!"


"Wonderful! Before the presentation I thought - how can I last for 8 hours? After presentation, I thought - it can't be over so soon."

"The presentation has been so helpful to me as the MDS/Care Plan Coordinator."


"All I can say is "Awesome." I learned so much!"

"Cat connects with her audience no matter how diverse. A wealth of knowledge. A good heart."


"Very good, knowledgeable speaker - entertains, educates, and keeps your attention."

"Excellent content and delivery. Had lots of audience participation."


"Excellent workshop - fun - Cat is the best teacher I have ever heard (in 26 years). Put your material in a book to sell."

"The speaker was fabulous - exciting energy; I left feeling better about what I do."

"Passionate presentation that was very informative. With Cat's knowledge and great sense of humor, you remember the stories and they teach a lesson."


"I have been in long term care for 35 years and a licensed administrator for 30. I was delighted to listen to a common sense speaker who speaks not only from knowledge, but knowledge through experience."

"I enjoy her sessions very much. She crams so much information in. Will attend any sessions she gives. She is very motivating and helpful."

"Excellent seminar! I wish I could have attended all 4 days. Extremely valuable and many ideas will be implemented at the facility."

"Changes will be made in my life because of this presentation."

"She never lost my attention!"


"Excellent presentation. Would love future seminars with you. You are dynamic, kept my attention 100% all day."

"Very informative. Have never participated in scenarios regarding the deficiency levels - most helpful."

"Excellent interactive presentation. Interesting, with applicable examples."


"Love the energy, stories, and reality of our situations and future outlook. Great job!"

"Excellent, excellent, excellent speaker. You are very motivational!"

"Excellent, very informative, engaging speaker."

"She jumps starts our thinking, which can at times be in a rut."


"Very professional (excellent)!"


"One of the best speakers I have ever heard on client based needs.
She was fabulous!"

"Great job! You are an excellent speaker. Good information and delivered with fun and humor. Thanks!"


"Cat was awesome as usual! I always look forward to her workshops. And, as usual, again, I was not disappointed."

"You just get better and better!"

"I never tire of listening to you and look forward to your next workshop. Money well spent. Knowledge that will last a lifetime. Common sense approach! Realistic! You do make a difference!"


"Cat was good for the soul, especially first thing in the morning, enjoyed!"

"It is always good to have fun while you are learning. Very good, good way to start out the day."

"The speaker engaged me into her speech throughout the whole time. One of the best speakers I've ever heard! Keep her coming back!"


"Superb! Better on her worst day than the best!"

"Exceeded my expectations! Makes me glad strong Southern "wimmin" leave home every now and then to teach other "wimmin" to not be afraid."

"Absolutely awesome! Powerful speaker!"

"Would like to have had more time to go over even more. She's that good!"

"Excellent! Love her compassion and ability to ensure we learn, rather than her be the teacher."


"I could listen to Cat all day and never get bored. She presents change and motivation in a humorous, take control way. It is like a breath of fresh air to listen and know someone else understands the hardships in the industry, but gives down-to-earth, simple tips, cues, and directions to get through it."

"Her enthusiasm is phenomenal. Great stories and examples. Room was packed - has to make her feel good."

"Awesome information to take home. Will now think differently about conflict."

"Excellent speaker. Have her back and let her speak all day. Best session so far. Wanted to stay longer to listen."

"Could listen to you all day. You opened my eyes to several issues with some behavior of our residents. Thank you."

"Wow! Just awesome!"

New York

"New York loves Cat Selman! She can come back ANY time!"

"Cat saved the best for last!"

"Cat Selman was fantastic - a must for next year."

"More speakers like Cat Selman. We need people to give us practical suggestions and "energize" us at the same time."

North Carolina

"I enjoyed this workshop very much and learned a lot of great and new ideas for different activities. Cat is very easy to listen to and I love her workshops. Great!"

"This was the best workshop and most enjoyable, interactive workshop I've been to! Way to go!!!"

"This was an excellent workshop. I left knowing so much more than I came with."

"I felt this course was very helpful. The insights were great. Thanks for being our voice and heart."

North Dakota

"One of the best seminars I've ever been to. Wow, great seminar! By the end of the seminar, she was the best speaker I've ever heard. I felt good, I laughed, and I learned."

"Excellent seminar - very specific and helpful ways to do our jobs better for resident-centered care. Important info on what surveyors are looking for and why!"

"Good use of humor and examples - organized - covered a lot of info in a meaningful way."


"Loved the use of case studies and involvement of participants. Will be able to take back info to share with staff - used great educational tools."

"Thank you for this workshop! I felt that actual tools were given for making improvements. Cat has a wealth of knowledge and excellent "how to" information."


"Incredibly articulate, great sense of humor, wide and deep knowledge and experience made presentation timely and relevant; down right "inspirational."

"I'm overwhelmed with wanting to go back and adjust my programming to be the BEST, but know I will change things one step at a time. Thanks for the tools to help me."

"Best speaker I have ever heard. Great learning experience. Thank you for your passion for the elderly."

"Cat, you were GREAT, knowledgeable, but fun also! Would love to hear Cat again on other subjects."


"What a surprise! Undoubtedly the most optimistic speaker I have ever heard!"

"Extremely good seminar - every topic worth my time."

"What a wonderful day - laughing and learning - perfect!"

"Many useful ideas to keep all in perspective. You made a difference in my life!"

"Very valuable "survival skills." Exceptional!"

"Cat is phenomenal! Best speaker I've had the pleasure of listening to!"

"Cat says she strives for excellence...she hit a "home run!"

Rhode Island

"Speaker was totally awesome. Cat is the best - exactly what people want and need - fun and informative."

"Speaker was excellent. Been to so many conferences, and this was the most knowledgeable, energetic speaker."

"Excellent! Words can't express how much I learned and how beneficial this was! Thank you!"

"Excellent! One of the most captivating and entertaining speakers I have encountered in a while."

"The best I've heard in 27 years!"

"Excellent, excellent. She was animated, knowledgeable and exceptionally interesting!"

South Carolina

"Excellent presentation! Energetic delivery with broad base of knowledge on subjects."

"Bring Her Back!!! Wonderful, inspiring speaker. Would love to attend another one of her seminars. Kept me alert at all times."

"Outstanding workshop! Love your spirit, sense of humor and in formative way."

"Enjoyed this. The most informative seminar I've ever been to in all my 18 years of activities. Thank you!"

South Dakota

"Please have her do more presentations! Great - common sense approaches - thank you!"

"Great speaker, always learn something from her to take home."

"Very good - eye opening. Wanted more! I could have listened to her all day!"

"Cat makes everyone feel comfortable to learn - she has the gift of hospitality. The most inspiring person."

"Please have her again. Again, excellent! Good techniques to pass on to staff and other directors."


"Speaker was extremely knowledgeable regarding subject area. Spoke with authority and interjected humor into the presentation."

"She actually gave us things to implement..."

"Ms. Selman's attitude was tremendous and inspiring."

"I had the overall feeling that I learned a lot of simple interventions to improve resident care."

"I wish she could come talk to our staff about behavior management. She is very good at what she does."


"My husband does not work in health care; however, when Cat speaks anywhere in this area, he will take a day off from work, and drive to hear her speak. He doesn't care what the topic is; he's going to be there! He says he always gets so much from her teaching and sharing."

"A month after your workshop, we are still benefiting from the material you gave us. Our staff returned positive and excited about implementing the tools you gave."


"Excellent! The best speaker of the 3 days. Energetic, motivating, humorous, made us think, smile and question. Love her!"

"What a vibrant woman with a vast amount of knowledge."


"Cat rocked my socks off!!"

"Cat was...outstanding...phenomenal....fantastic....fabulous....awesome...

inspirational...worth the money I spent."