"The first time I attended a Cat Selman program I basically was positively overwhelmed with the many messages she shared. She beautifully weaves the educational topic with her real world experience in long term care, encouraging common sense and individual empowerment. The final outcome is an individual motivated for the betterment of the residents we serve. After that program, I knew that it would be impossible to get all of our staff to one of her programs, so we asked Cat to come to our staff. She offered sessions on all shifts, plus a management Power Luncheon.' The employees thanked us for this educational program. We have incorporated such programming into our yearly educational plans, and are looking forward to her DVD releases, as they will be incorporated into employee orientation."

- Mary Margaret Judy, Executive Director, St Catherine's Village

Why not bring Cat to YOUR staff? In the current economy, you want to stretch every dollar and use your budget wisely. It is more economical to bring a long term care expert directly to your facility or company employees, as opposed to the expense of sending them to an off-site location. Who you select to conduct that employee training will make a major difference in the success of your efforts. After communicating your goals and desired outcomes, Cat can create a customized, memorable and motivating program that is designed to meet the specific needs of your employees.