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Webinar on Demand: Annual Subscription

For one annual fee, your facility will have unlimited access to all webinars conducted by Cat Selman in 2019. Facilities are facing more budgetary constraints than ever before. It has gotten more expensive to send staff to seminars and conferences. And in reality, only department heads get to attend those trainings - not the majority of each facility’s day-to-day staff. As a result, you still have direct care staff who have not received training in the “required” areas of expertise and operations. To assist facilities in this area, Cat has developed a program of Webinars on Demand - training webinars that are pre-recorded and can be viewed at any time, by as many individuals from a facility as desired, as often as staff would like to view, up to a year after the webinar has been recorded and posted. What a great resource for training and orientation of both seasoned and new staff members! We would like to offer this one-time, flat rate to interested individuals, facilities, and companies.


Here’s what you get:

  • A guarantee of one webinar per month. If Cat records more than one per month, you will also receive access to those additional webinars. Subscribers will have access to the number of webinars that are developed and posted - whether it be one per month (guaranteed), or three (which has been the rate for the last month).
  • Handouts/PP slides of each presentation that may be utilized in your individual facility training.
  • A Certificate of Completion/Participation for each webinar that can be reproduced for each participant.
  • In addition to all newly developed/posted webinars, your facility is guaranteed access to all webinars that are posted at our site. Currently, we have the following posted/available:


 1.  Facility Assessment: HOW Do We Do It?

 2.  Baseline Care Plan: What’s Required?

 3.  CMS RoP and Surveyor Guidance for Activities

 4.  CMS RoP and Surveyor Guidance for Medically-Related Social Services

 5.  Activity Interventions for Challenging Behavior & Reduction of Antipsychotics

 6. Documenting for Dollars for Activities & Social Services


Current prices for Webinars on Demand are $99 per user, per webinar. At the annual fee of $500, for unlimited use for an entire year, that would be quite a savings for your facility and help meet the training constraints that are being faced due to the CMS RoP. Sold individually, this package is valued at $1,782!


Webinar topics in development will cover all aspects of the CMS RoP Surveyor Guidance. Specific topics will be broken down into more manageable information and covered in individual webinars. For example: Medication Regimen Review/Unnecessary Drugs/Antibiotic Stewardship; Infection Control & Prevention; Resident’s Rights, Choices& Preferences; Abuse/Neglect; Person-Centered Comprehensive Care Planning; Discharge & Discharge Planning; Dementia Care; End of Life/Palliative Care; Reduction of Antipsychotics; MDS 3.0 codes and items affecting the survey process; Survey findings/trends/focus as they occur throughout the year; etc.


Please note: The annual price of $500 is PER facility. A corporation/company/ business cannot sign up all the facilities within its organization for the $500 fee. If a corporation registers all of the facilities within their management/oversight, at the $500 fee per facility, all corporate management representatives will be automatically complimentary subscribed.

$ 500.00