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“Someone” to train your staff with the latest new techniques and strategies? “Someone” to motivate your employees or convince them of the power they possess to impact others? "Someone" to explain difficult topics and mandates in an easily understood, common-sense manner? "Someone" who captivates audience participants and leaves them wanting more?


That “Someone” is Cat Selman!


Cat Selman is a nationally renowned speaker, educator, consultant, and author who brings humor and a unique perspective to her messaging that allows for learning to be a more engaging and interesting experience. Having trained surveyors and providers in all fifty states, she is considered an authority in aging services. Through on-site and virtual Presentations, Webinars, Online Video Training, Books and Vlog posts, we are ready to equip your team with the necessary tools to achieve maximum success.

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The Cat Selman Company offers dozens of webinars covering every topic from what your staff needs to be successful in the delivery of care and services, to creating comprehensive care plans. Find the perfect one for you and your staff.

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in person or online

The core of a Cat Selman presentation is to feature invigorating topics with a unique, common-sense perspective. Her goal is to make each presentation current, accurate, educational and always fun. Invite Cat to speak at your next function, or find an online training video that will fit your specific needs.

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It’s important to give your staff the necessary tools and skills in order to provide true, individualized person-centered care. Check out the assortment of training materials available for purchase.

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VLOG "Just for this week..."

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"...I had often heard of the phrase 'southern charm,' but had absolutely no concept of what that meant until meeting Cat Selman. It was not the pretty sweetness sometimes portrayed in movies. It was, and is, this beautiful knowledge of how life works, and what matters Cat often jokes, must 'be a southern thing.' The gift of being a storyteller is a true art, and you will see this gift over and over again in this unique collection of anecdotes. The stories in this Vlog may make you laugh, they may make you cry, but most importantly, they will make you think! It is the hope that in your reflection, your ponderings of life's trials and joys, you will also be moved to action. Won't you join us? Just for this week..." ~ Pam Hayle

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Newly scheduled events, webinar and major announcements, be sure to stay up to date with what’s new with The Cat Selman Company.

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Cat has trained both surveyors and providers in all 50 states! She is a well-respected healthcare professional and considered an authority in aging services. Upon hearing her presentations for the first time, association members request repeat performances at future educational offerings. Member evaluations continue to rate her as one of the best speakers they have ever heard. Let Cat Selman help contribute to the success of your next conference.

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Want to know when and where Cat Selman will be speaking? Follow her calendar to keep up with her speaking engagements and events.

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