"I Don't Understand What You Are Saying!" - The Common Sense Approach to Communicating With Elders Who Have Dementia, Disc 2


Are you "swag?" Would you say you are "hip," "cool," or "down?" It seems the word describing one's "hipness" or "coolness" seems to change almost daily. If it's hard for you to keep up with the nuances of our language and know what someone is talking about (especially when conversing with someone from a different generation), how do you think an elder feels? How do you think these words confuse and confound an elder with dementia?! We continue to use words and phrases that an elder could not possibly recognize or "connect" with, and then document that they are "unable to understand or comprehend." This DVD takes a humorous look at our everyday communication with elders while teaching effective, common-sense strategies that have proven successful with those who have dementia.

DVD Length: 1 hour

$ 79.00