"It's Everybody's Business!!" - The Common Sense Approach to Customer Service and Marketing, Disc 8


Why market your facility? Why pay attention to public relations? Easy answer: SURVIVAL!! Who should do it... the administrator... the social worker... or everyone in the building? There are more nursing centers than ever before... all with attractive features and numerous amenities. Additionally, more and more funding is being provided to states and communities for "alternative care." The general public has become more educated, discerning, and demanding. How does the community (the public) perceive your building and staff? Are you the "facility of choice" in your area? In this DVD, Cat teaches 12 Winning Techniques for Handling Inquiries, as well as specific techniques in customer relations and service. Learn the humorous "moments of truth" in everyday practice that can result in a positive or negative opinion of your care, service, and staff.

DVD Length: 51 minutes

$ 69.00