"Keep 'Em Busy ALL The Time!! Really?!?" - The Common Sense Approach to Activity Programming, Disc 7


"We get our residents up early, get them dressed and out of bed into the living area. If they stay in their room, it will look like we are not doing our job... They are supposed to look busy and active at all times." REALLY?? Exactly where did that philosophy come from?? That's the way it was done years ago! Absolutely NOTHING in the CMS surveyor guidance intimates that perspective. And guess what? We have evolved and learned so much more regarding the provision of services that positively impact an elder's quality of life. Activity programming should be based on an elder's preferences, interests and customary routine. You may be assured that if an individual is 85 years old, has 7-9 different diagnoses, and is on 9 or more different medications, they just might want a little more voice in how they spend their day... This DVD provides basic instruction on the interdisciplinary approach to activities. Learn what CMS requires, expects and what activity programming should "look like" at this time in an elder's life.

DVD Length: 1 hour

$ 79.00