"Strategies That Work!" - The Common Sense Approach to One-to-One Programming, Disc 6


CMS states that "One-to-One Programming" refers to programming provided to residents who will not, or cannot, effectively plan their own activity pursuits, or residents needing specialized or extended programs to enhance their overall daily routine and activity pursuit needs. The concept of individualized intervention has evolved over the years. By necessity, and response to a changing population, most activity/recreation professionals have abandoned generic interventions and large-group activities that include elders with different levels of strengths and needs. In their place, individualized interventions and one-to-one programming have been developed. This concept results in a total facility, total team approach to the delivery of activity services. In this DVD, Cat shares the benefits and "mechanics" of one-to-one programming; dynamics and implementation; documentation issues; and offers suggestions/insight for successful programming ideas.

DVD Length: 45 minutes

$ 69.00