The Common Sense Series™ Volume 1, 8 Disc Series


Buy the entire Common Sense Series - Volume 1, as a package unit, and save $132.00!! You will receive all eight (8) DVDs as listed below. What a great training tool for new employee orientation, as well as long-term employee education! Challenging behavior, communicating with elders who have dementia, the critical thinking process, end of life care... all topics that should be getting our attention in today's survey arena. The reason? These are the areas that are causing facilities to receive "needless" citations during a survey. Have you ever noticed some facility practices and wondered to yourself, "What were they thinking??" Or have you asked yourself, "Does anyone have common sense anymore?" This DVD offering has been designed to assist your staff with the "common sense" issues - redefining the skills and techniques that are absolutely necessary for survey performance and the delivery of elder services.

$ 500.00