Webinar on Demand: CMS Surveyor Guidance - End of Life Care



Everyone seems to be saying that nursing homes should play a more pivotal role in providing care and services during this time. However, the reality for many residents is that once Hospice has been elected, the nursing home seems to take a back seat in the delivery of certain services and care. We see situations where the nursing home thought Hospice was supposed to provide specific care; Hospice thought the nursing home was to provide the specific care; and as a result, the care was not given at all! Here is the dismal fact: it is estimated that by 2020 nearly 1 in 2 persons will die in a nursing facility. Sounds like we need to figure out how to provide the very best care possible to the individual who is dying... Participants in this webinar will learn what the new guidance entails; surveyors expectations in regard to care planning; how to coordinate services between the nursing home and Hospice; person-centered care; and appropriate interventions for the interdisciplinary team.

Cost: $99.00 per user.

User is defined as one computer and one phone line per registrant. There is no limit to the number of participants per user. In other words, gather as many staff as you want around a computer to learn or broadcast the webinar to an entire room via an LCD projector.

$ 99.00