Webinar on Demand: The Surveyor's Approach to Care Planning - Part 1



So... just how do we write the care plan? Which method should we use? What do surveyors actually look for when evaluating care plans? Are there any "red flags" that will draw their attention? And shouldn't we be writing care plans that actually "make sense" to the professionals providing the care? Seminar participants will learn the answers to all of these questions and much more! They will also be able to identify federal requirements, surveyors' expectations and specific care issues as they relate to the care plan process. Care team members will learn how each discipline can truly assist in the development of a "resident-centered" care plan that is designed to meet specific care/medical issues, as well as help the resident "attain or maintain their highest practicable psychosocial well-being."

Cost: $99.00 per user.

User is defined as one computer and one phone line per registrant. There is no limit to the number of participants per user. In other words, gather as many staff as you want around a computer to learn or broadcast the webinar to an entire room via an LCD projector.

$ 99.00