"What Were You Thinking???" - The Common Sense Approach to Critical Thinking, Disc 3


"I don't know about you, but I ALWAYS write my first and last name on the heels of my shoes! I also write my name in large, block letters on all of my clothes with a magic marker." If none of us really do this on our own, personal lives, it makes you wonder why these practices are found in almost every nursing facility in the nation. As my Grandma would say, we're not using our noggins! We no longer think for ourselves! We're almost to the point that we don't question anything regarding our policy, practice and process... We just DO it! As usual, in this DVD, Cat utilizes humor to teach common sense approaches to critical thinking. Empower your staff to critique, evaluate and THINK about how and what we are doing with our elders. Question it!!

DVD Length: 1.25 hours

$ 89.00