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Webinar on Demand: CMS Surveyor Guidance - Quality of Life


Guidance from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS): "The facility must create an environment that is respectful of the right of each resident to exercise his or her autonomy regarding what the resident considers to be important facets of his or her life." This includes actively seeking information from the resident regarding significant interests and preferences in order to provide necessary assistance to help residents fulfill their choices over aspects of their lives in the facility.

What is "quality of life?" Does one definition fit everyone? How do surveyors assess this important aspect of an elder's life? The RAI helps nursing home staff look at residents holistically "as individuals for whom quality of life and quality of care are mutually significant and necessary." Interdisciplinary use of the RAI promotes this emphasis on quality of care and quality of life. Nursing homes have found that involving all disciplines in the RAI process has fostered a more holistic approach to resident care and strengthened team communication. This interdisciplinary process, which includes input from the elder and/or their family/legal representative, directly influences an individual's experience of care, including: workplace practices, the nursing home's cultural and physical environment, elder/staff satisfaction, clinical and care practice delivery, shared leadership, family and community relationships and Federal/ State/local government regulations.

This session will seek to provide guidance/suggestions/recommendations on the utilization of the MDS/RAI process in meeting quality of life requirements for each individual residing in a health care setting. Through a resident voice and professional interdisciplinary assessment, the delivery of care and services becomes a dynamic, collaborative process. This process assures that the elder is able to attain and/or maintain their highest practicable level of physical, mental and psychosocial well-being.

Cost: $99.00 per user.

User is defined as one computer and one phone line per registrant. There is no limit to the number of participants per user. In other words, gather as many staff as you want around a computer to learn or broadcast the webinar to an entire room via an LCD projector.

$ 99.00