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Webinar on Demand: Documentation & Compliance - Supportive Documentation for the Comprehensive Care Plan

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More and more surveys contain the same wording in regard to documentation: facility "failed to document resident responses/outcomes to identified staff interventions;" "failed to provide documented evidence that interdisciplinary care plan has been implemented..." Sound familiar? It seems that our professional staff write so much now, that they rarely get to see the real, live individual for whom they are caring. The components of compliance are: assessment; development of an individualized, person-centered care plan; implementation of said care plan; monitoring of said care plan; and review and/or revision of said care plan. So we write, write, and then write some more...and still get the deficiency or finding. In this session, Cat will discuss federal requirements regarding care plan documentation and what this means to each individual discipline and caregiver. She will give common sense suggestions as to how we can write documentation that is both supportive of the plan that has been identified and reflective of the actual delivery of services and care. Don't come dreading a session on documentation! Cat makes the topic lively, fun, and "doable!"

Cost: $99.00 per user.

User is defined as one computer and one phone line per registrant. There is no limit to the number of participants per user. In other words, gather as many staff as you want around a computer to learn or broadcast the webinar to an entire room via an LCD projector.

$ 99.00